Worry Author

09 Aug 2015, 11:57

But I'm part of that world it's not as if he's bringing me into it, I used to be in it, I never took coke, all I do is drink and smoke fags and weed and he does only do it on Fridays, he's not got money too other wise and it's not even every Friday, but he admits to me that he's an addict


18 Aug 2015, 01:53

I was 15 and my bf was 20 it turned out he was a dick he hit me took naked pictures of me with out me saying yes eg he pined me down I couldn't moved he took the pictures I'm now 16 he's nearly 21 and I hate his ducking guts I can get him arrest as he's done a lot more shit to me than this but yeah DONT DATE OLDER PEOPLE!

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