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11 Jun 2015, 01:11

Growing up I was abused by a lot of different people in a lot of different ways. It has affected my ability to tell friend from foe love from hate. Everyday I force myself out of bed and paint a smile on my face pretending nothing anyone says bothers me. As long as I feel some sort of comfort... How do others cope with this?

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11 Jun 2015, 01:25

You really should have a professional psychologist or counselor. Barring that you should have a friend or someone you trust to confide in. It sounds like you are doing great given the circumstances, but you really should get some help. You cannot do this alone.


10 Jul 2015, 10:57

I'm studying counselling now and I think it's best to see a counsellor who can assist you to work out why you are feeling like this

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