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08 Jul 2015, 22:14

Can parents be bullies? My parents (and sister) constantly put me down and it's getting to the point I don't think I can take it. I've never been good enough for them and my sister is like the golden child to them. My parents always tell me that I'm not smart enough and that I will never get anywhere in life. I won't get into college. Pretty much that I suck at life. I've disappointed them far too much for me to even begin to count. I'm just not what they wanted. My mom somewhat said that to me once. Before I was born my mom couldn't have children so she tried a certain medicine to help her conceive. She eventually was able to and was actually expecting triplets until one never formed correctly so she ended up having twins (I was born second). We had an argument one time and she said never wanted two children anyway. Both of my parents on more than one occasion have told me they have given up on me. I've even started giving up on myself. My family even insist that I'm too crazy to function anyway...but they are the reason I'm like this. I've also had depression for awhile and bad anxiety but they seem to have no compassion whatsoever. I've even taken up the wrong coping mechanism to help me through this...it's all very difficult for me and I just wish I was better for them and myself...Anothet thing..My sister is always on their side because she obviously enjoys the support she gets from them. I don't really even blame her but she always brags about when she gets better grades on things or when I answer something wrong she criticizes and makes fun of me for the entire day. She even acts as if she's my mother sometimes and if I do something "wrong" she relays it back to my parents so they can punish me. She even discussed with my parents that I shouldn't be going to my boyfriends house as often as I do so now they have put a limit on that. My family hates me and my boyfriend. Once I was laying beside my boyfriend on his couch (completely clothed) and my sister walked in and told my parents we were having sex. What really happened was that I talked him out of committing suicide, but you know whatever, she's always right. I'm just so tired of all of this. I'm tired of no one wanting me or no one thinking I can actually go somewhere in life. I don't know if I'm tired of living or just tired of living here. It's awful. Sometimes I just want to run away but I have nowhere to go, no way to get there, and no money to support myself when I get there. I just feel so hopeless.

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09 Jul 2015, 00:14

You're not hopeless and your family is full of bullies. The best thing for you to do is take all that negativity and force it into what you want to do. Make them see that you're successful and that you're better that what they think you are. Get a job somewhere and save up money try and see what you can do in the future as far as getting away from them. Talk to your guidance counselor about scholarships and programs/internships that allow you to make money or open up sorts for you so that you'll have a good job right out the gate of wherever you plan to go. Eventually they will stop bullying you. I just hope that it doesn't get to the point where you have to snap on someone. You're not in the least worthless or hopeless your kind and strong and you talked someone out of committing suicide. That in itself proves that you're worth it. Don't give up hope!

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09 Jul 2015, 09:43

Thank you :)...I'm trying not to give up hope.

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Re: Parents being bullies?

16 Nov 2015, 19:45

Wow... your story brings back memories for me! I feel your pain hon. I was even suicidal. Its not so much that you dont want to live, as that you dont want to live there. How supportive and close to you is your boyfriend? You should have someone you can trust to talk to. (You can pm me here any time you want to, too.) You should start thinking about what you want from life and how to get it. Step one should be figuring out where you will go if things get too bad. Running is better than dying, because it gives you a shot at finding happyness and safety. Find out what your legal rights are. Where i am, you can get a leg document at 16 that says you dont need a parent or guardian and may go where you please as jf you were an adult. Its called an emancipation letter. Then find a friend who would let you stay with them for a while till youre on your feet. Try to find a summer or weekend job, and save your money as much as you can. You should have a "bug out bag" a collection of things you'll need if you have to leave on short notice, and leave it with your friend or boyfriend. You should have a sma notebook with important phone numbers, a change of clothes (or two) and extra socks/undergarmants, cell phone charger, some cash (hopefully a couple hundred) and basic hygene items like a hairbrush, toothbrush/paste, bar of soap, shampoo, deoderant. You should also find out about emergency housing provided by your local government. Some people will be mad at me for posting this, but i remember feeling this way and being beaten and verbaly abused so much, i was afraid to even say it anonymously. I wish so much that someone had paid attention and helped me, or told me about this when i was a kid. I got lucky, a series of major events changed how my family treated me, but very few are that lucky. I really hope everything works out ok. Listen to your instincts, not people who tell you to shut up, or that they are helpinv when you feel theyre hurting you. Be brave, be smart, be you.

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