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03 Jun 2015, 20:13

Do what you have to do to be safe!! However, don't break the law. The Cops would put the wrong people in jail.

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03 Jun 2015, 21:29

you definitely need to go to the police. what other option do you have? if you explain the entire situation and show them the texts, tell them you're scared to go home because they're literally your neighbours etc, they'll surely help you. they'll probably ask you if you have any family or friends to stay with while this gets investigated. if you don't; maybe you should look into a shelter. they have shelters for women that would surely take you in in a heartbeat that you should look into if you haven't already. just follow the police instructions. stay where you are safe.


03 Jun 2015, 21:36

First. Don't meet them!! Second, if you have to meet them for some reason, don't go alone!! Third, ask the cops for help!


04 Jun 2015, 14:43

Take a trip to the police station ASAP. It may be hard due to financial reasons ect, but get away from these evil men.

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