Worry Author

27 Jun 2015, 17:29

Okay so on Thursday when I was singing & performing at the bowling alley, I had a little bit to much to drink. I had four cups of beer and it only takes about three to get me drunk and I could barely walk and I had strong migraines and I got scared because then I ate some Apple Jacks's and I had lost my taste buds the cereal And milk tasted like cardboard. I couldn't taste anything and I got so scared because I thought it was permanent and luckily my taste buds are back. And when I was singing at the bowling alley when I sat at the table to wait for my turn to sing I had my head down because I was drunk and some guy approached me and asked me if I was okay? & I said 'Yes'. And he was with these other guys and girl and he wanted me to sit with them and I did and he asked me what my name was and I gave him a false name. But later after I sang my last song on stage I left the bowling alley and went home but I learned my lesson, I will never drink like that again. I could of gotten raped or killed and I wouldn't have known.
But my point is and the reason I'm telling you guys this is because I wanted to tell you guys that drink please don't do what I did I was alone at the bowling alley and I dranked 5 beers and got drunk. And when I got home that night I started throwing up and I thought I had gotten alcohol poisoning because I was throwing up and had lost my taste buds for a while then I was sober again and after this whole experience I will never drink in public ever again.
Hopefully those who drink will learn from my experience and don't do what I did. It's not worth it. I learned my lesson.

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