Worry Author

29 Jun 2015, 23:39

I find myself having born in Britain myself people here are very judgemental, rude, and very pretentious growing up. I felt so mundane with the young people growing up through school, college and university. I never made many friends I have been suffering constant bullying and abuse from people and I find that no matter how I put it, I lacked being convinced anything was wrong. I have autism which I have had from 6. I find I am never social with British people at all and been like that for nearly 5 years. They like to drink too much, smoke a lot and enjoy abusing themselves than other people so harshly using awful defamatory words and then some are like ultra sensitive moan and complain about trivial problems. I really don't like British and currently don't work coz I don't have a job anywhere, no one really seems to even offer me a job no matter how hard I try to apply I get an interview n I fuck up at it without knowing it. I have a degree in computer science and been looking for like 5 years.

Idiot_aim _weesha

30 Jun 2015, 05:22

Well come to America we take you and your problems ☺️

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