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19 Jul 2015, 03:50

Why did I get the curse of fearing people. It fucks with yout entire life and makes you want to put a bullet in your head. I cannot perform at work, sexual, friendwise, familywise. I cannoy perform in NOTHING. It gets worse every year. The only time I can be assertive is when I get so violent. I make my own mother cry.
I will never succeed. Might as well bullet myself now to end this suffering. Life is fucked when you fear people. Why can't I fear snakes, spiders, heights, confined spaces like normal people???
20 years is enough for me. I cannot deal with this anymore. And to look at the biggger picture. NO ONE will be at my funeral if I live to 90. Luckily I will have a heart attack and only live to 50. I live in constant anxiety torture and will have a heart attack. It is not healthy to live with chronic anxiety. The only time I don't live with anxiety is when I disappear and lock myself in the basement for 5 months straight and never come up until I know everyone is asleep. Fuck life I am over it

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20 Jul 2015, 00:05

Even people with social anxiety can have friends, online or even online and then real life. And if not, try searching for support groups near you and go and meet people, or get help.

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17 Aug 2015, 00:24

Ive thought The same thing Many times, because i have The same thing. I cant talk to People. But please, please dont hurt yourself. Please. And id show up.

Mr. Positive

17 Aug 2015, 07:56

I suffer from extreme anthrophobia.
So I fear people to the extreme.
Girls feel as though I am desperate.
Society sees me as an easy target.
All this builds up and I explode and break a guys nose and then feel normal for about 10 minutes. Then back to fear. And lock myself in the basement to feel no stress.... I have guns and want to use them on my head soon. Life sucks when you are anthrophobia

Mr. Positive

17 Aug 2015, 07:57

When you have anthrophobia

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