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21 Jul 2015, 14:25

When i was 10 i remember having a 'fake' marriage with my friend who is a girl and we kissed and stuff. I never rlly thought bout it much till now. It didn't seem weird or wrong at all but then again i was ten yrs old. I've only dated three people before and theyre all boys, i was attracted to them but im attracted to girls too. I've never dated a girl of course but if i walked in the street and saw a hot girl id think 'shes fit' and immediatly think bout her boobs and stuff them mentally scold myself for thinking like that as if it was wrong. Theres always the aspect of my dad being a massive homophobe... I'm not sure how my mum feels about it. I have a big family and a lot of them always say stuff bout gay people like how wronga nd disgusting it is. I haven't told anyone bout how i feel. I think im bisexual and i have no idea what to do.

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21 Jul 2015, 20:44

I am actually going through the SAME THING.
I have a boyfriend, and I haven't been able to tell them about this.
But what you should do, is just give it some time, and or ask around with people you know for support.

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17 Aug 2015, 00:29

Im bi and FREAKING PROUD. And you should be too. And if something bad happens to you, Come to me and you Can even stay with me.

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