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at war with boyfriend's relative, plz help!

17 Nov 2015, 17:39

I hate him i hate him i hate him! I'll call him Matt here. Matt gave my bf a place to live in return for basically being his slave 24/7. Matt constantly belittled him, and threatened to evict and beat him up all the time, even in front of me. He pulled my boyfriend's finger so hard one day he broke his knuckle, and tore all the ligaments so he has to have sugury. Another time he shot him in the leg with an airsoft gun, and the pellet is still in his leg. Last time i visited, matt was threatening him again because he was having trouble getting benifits from dss to give matt more money he clearly does not need. The man is rich and loves to rub it in everyone's faces. Anyway, i stood up for my boyfriend and said he wasnt lying, so matt attacked me. My boyfriend left with me for the night and moved out the next day. Now matt is calling constantly, threatening, and saying my boyfriend stole a power drill from him (which he didnt) and telling lies about us all over the place. Anyone who knows us knows its not true. I want to block him from my boyfriends phone (its in my name) and text him saying we dont want any more contact, but idk if it will do any good, or if he'll just find some other way to hurt us. How do i end this freaking nightmare? His whole family hates him, now i know why. e.

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Re: at war with boyfriend's relative, plz help!

03 Jan 2016, 01:36

Police? Crime Stoppers? OR the best way.............. Restraining Order. Just go to your lawyer.

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