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13 Jul 2015, 14:34

Depressed * haha I'm stupid like autocorrect


14 Jul 2015, 09:31

It is apart of human nature so it's normal

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23 Jul 2015, 16:37

I'm addicted to breathing....is that bad?

Worry Author

24 Jul 2015, 15:21

Yes it is

Worry Author

27 Jul 2015, 00:47

But I just can't get enough of it . I crave it. I can do it for hours n still more

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01 Aug 2015, 15:38


Worry Author

01 Aug 2015, 20:57

Just not easy

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05 Aug 2015, 05:26

Its hard to understand yourself sometimes. Do you do it for the pleasure? If so, then its to feel... Well, good. If its a craving, is it a must? If so, then try to feel exactly what you are craving that specificaly for. I can not tell you what it truly is because I am not you. Only you can know for certain. And others may only understand, not know you like that.

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23 Jul 2016, 00:10


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