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24 Jul 2015, 07:14

I'm Suicidal and I feel like committing suicide. I'm serious I'm just going to kill myself. I'm going to put an end to my miserable life. Deciding between my miserable job or college. Today I was supposed to go to an orientation for college and I didn't go. Its to late now. I just want to end my life.

Right now I'm fixing to cut myself on the wrist with the box cutter in my purse because I'm dangerously suicidal and my mom instead of helping me decide What I should do she is no help and only makes me feel worse. Good bye guys you might end up losing a member of confidly. I'm serious I give up on life.

Right now I'm going to self harm. I just want to kill myself. I don't give a fuck about life any more. I give my life to hell. Because I would rather burn in hell then to live this miserable life. It's to late for college and I'm stuck with a miserable Job at KFC that I don't even want anymore because the only reason I put up with this job is to be able to afford and pay for my guitar lessons.

I think the best solution for me is suicide. I'm ending it. I don't care. I just want to die because I'm so fucking sick of this life. I would be much happier in hell.

I ain't never been to hell but I'm pretty sure after I end this miserable life I'll be in hell. I don't care. I would rather be in hell with the devil then to live this miserable life in this earth.

I'm done with this life. Thank you guys for everything you've done I appreciate all the help and advice you guys have given me. But now I must go.

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24 Jul 2015, 08:30

😔 no no no no honey that is not the answer to your pain think about it you have a life that god gave you as a gift that is very special and to waste it with suicide is not the answer and in this life you find joy but there always has to be the opposite of that witch is sadness and im going through the same thing but I think that ending my life is not the only answer to cure my pain this life is the best thing ever just ride it out you are what 18 you are still young if this helps you to decide whether to strive on or I have failed and you killed yourself please don't do it im begging you just please don't😔😔😔😔


24 Jul 2015, 09:10

U know what. Killing urself is not a solution. What u hve to do is just relax and sit down. Find a good mate to tell them about ur problem. Dont keep it to urself.

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24 Jul 2015, 09:14

This post is heart breaking. And i hope you read these. Everybody has been there. I came soooo close at the age of 15. And now i have a husband and three kids. Everyone is meant to contribute something.. I feel like my life is POINTLESS... But now i have my children. And you'll have children and many other things to.. If you hang on. You may think noone cares. But their is not one person on this earth that isn't cared about greatly by at least another person. You say people on here have given you plenty of advice. They care. I'm writting you now. So is brady. So you can't use people don't care. All you have to do is make a couple small changes to your life. What is soo horrible about your life? I'm sure many things but i promise not a one thing that can't be fixed. And not one thing that will ever cross your mind 5 years down the road when your life is beginning. Do you have younger siblings? Their are sooo many more people this would impact than you could every know... People love you. And the part of your life will not mattee to you in a few years. Long term solution is not worth it. Please really think about this.. And respond. You have people here who don't even know your real name and we care about you.

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24 Jul 2015, 22:44

Damn, if you believe in hell than you know it's going to be an eternity. Misery forever. Think about that word. You don't die in hell. You don't get to quit. You don't get to say sorry and take it back. You have a shitty life, so do a lot of us. If you really are fed up with your life, change it. Quit your terrible job and do something with your life. Join the military, work at a daycare;something to give you purpose. College is an escape from your life now, don't quit before you get there. Suicde is the worst decision to make. Ya, I cut myself, but suicide is never an option. You decide how your life goes. Don't quit because you won't make a simple decision

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25 Jul 2015, 17:52

Now hold on a second. I missed orientation for college: three times. Each time I started college and flunked out, felt like the biggest failure and loser. No help from parents, no friends to care. I wanted to end it all so I was no longer a burden to anyone anymore. I was a parts driver for an auto shop: a crappy job as well.

I understand what you are going through. I am reliving that pang I felt reading your post. Please remember: you still matter. To who? All that should matter is you. You matter to you. Forget what you think everyone else is thinking. Do their thoughts truly change orientation or the color of your hair? No.

What do you like in life? For me to change from self harm and ending it all was focusing on everything that I didn't screw up. I literally ate a chocolate bar the night I was going to end my life and practically had an orgasm (food orgasm) and wanted more.

I focused on the satisfactions in life what I like. I forgot all of my failures and did what I wanted (within legal limits mind you).

Now who am I today? What do I own? Who loves me? Now that I am happy? Did I finally get my degree? All of that still doesn't matter. All that matters is that I am happy with me, for the first time in my life. I do what makes me happy.

Because I tell you what my friend: if you end it now, how will you ever know how satisfying a food orgasm is? How will you know that you love blue candles lit next to you during a bubble bath? How will you ever feel satisfied with Nivea lotion on every inch of your smooth warm skin? or the fun to blow all of the seeds off a dandelion into wind and watch them dance across the soft breeze? These are things that brought me back from death.

Make a list of things that could and would keep you away from the grave. Not rich fancy things, things within your means that you have 200% control of. Then do them! Do them until you cry from joy!

If you do find your food orgasm, just please let me know if it is chocolate or something else.

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Re: I'm SUICIDAL. In The Process Of Commiting Suicide. 18 & Up.

01 Jul 2017, 17:11

Listen to me DON'T DO IT I've been down that road 3 times and each time it sucks. If after reading all of these people's comments you are still suicidal and you still want to kill yourself, please private message me. I care about you and I don't even know your name or what your situation is right now but I want to. This is not a good idea, babe. Believe me, I know. Anybody else who is suicidal or is in a bad spot right now, please private message me. I promise that I will do my best to help you. You may think that you are beyond help and hope but you aren't. I promise you aren't.

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