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Idk whats rong with me

12 Jul 2017, 16:22

Im going to explaine my day to you all. Because there is something rong with me

I dont have a hunger or thristy feeling. So i cant tell when im hungry or thristy

I try to eat and drink and i wont be able to hold down the food. Or drinks

The only way i can eat and drink is if i smoke medial marijuana. If i dont i tho it up everytime no matter what. in the moring right when i wake up i have to smoke . Cuz my stomach will hurt so dam badly. And the. After i smoke the pain is gone

But in order to. Eat breakfast i have to smoke. Eat and then smoke again or i cant hold ot down

Its the same thing with. Lunch and dinner

And this has been happing to me sence i can remmber. So. Its just been getting worse and worse. But nobody wants to help me
And im perfectly fine doctors basicly say

Or when ur doc tells u to go get an mri dun but u have to pay 2500. Up frount and i am not aloud to do payments. For what ever reason.

Can some one please advice

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