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Best Friend won't talk to me

01 Jul 2017, 16:55

My best friend and I have been friends for 8 years and she opened up to me last year that she has an ED. She's in recovery right now partly because of me I think. But one problem is ever since she told me about her ED last year she won't let me touch her, hug her or anything. That hurts because she'll hug other peoppe right in front of me but when I ask her why she won't hug me she says she doesn't like "physical contact". Another problem is she won't open up to me about how she's doing with her ED or how she's dealing with her friend's suicide that happened at the beginning of this year. Every time I bring up those topics she changes the subject or if we're texting when I bring up those topics, she just won't text me back. How am I supposed to be there for her if she keeps pushing me away? And why won't she let me hug her? Can someone please answer my questions?

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Best Friend wont talk to me

28 Aug 2017, 06:24

im sorry your friend got cut. no one ever knows for sure why someone would get cut, but definately encourage her to cob. she still has a chance to find a good home


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