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15 Jul 2015, 06:05

Bad school, mean kids, rude teachers, no friends... Did I mention it's a new school too?

Someone else right here

15 Jul 2015, 09:02

Use it to build character... Once you're out of school you'll forget all about them. Just don't compromise you character and good values because other people are jerks. People are shit heads in the adult world too. Learn how to navigate them now.. You'll be a better person for it


15 Jul 2015, 14:49

I wish I had a new school cuz I am realy popular at my school but it sucks cuz I act kinda like a dick half the time so all the girls I actually like and am not freinds with don't like me and I can't change now cuz they have known me for 4 years they know how I realy act but if I had a new school I could actually try and act more respectful at ur new school just walk confidently with ur head up smile and talk to people the thing about high school is is everyone wants to be popular and have a new freinds so if u talk to them they will become ur freinds they want to be ur freind as much as u want to be there's. Just say hi what's up and talk normally don't ask to many questions but just act basic ones everyday

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School Starting soon Y © Y’ Y’”

20 Sep 2017, 10:07

More creativtiy, after school events..etc where you just dont learn through books.

Diversity where you get to learn about other cultures and such.

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