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The Real Me

25 Dec 2015, 16:48

Recently, I've been questioning what I am. Yes, it's obvious that I'm male, and that I'm fourteen. And yes, I appear completely normal. People do not know the real me. I myself consider the outside me, the public one displayed to people, is human, whilst the inside me is a different species. Then again, I've always considered psychopaths a superior species to the human race, and believe that such a race will soon dominate the earth. So watch out humans. I'm not on any medication, for nobody has been personally informed about this, but I believe that I am of the psychopath race, merely pretending to be human. To start with, I see things that others do not. They always present themselves in a fearful way, are always looking at me, and are never moving. It can vary upon what I see, from reflections of people in windows to little girls with long, black hair touching the ground. Again, they're always looking at me. After seeing such image, I commonly hear things others do not as well. Whether it be my name called when I'm home alone, or the scraping of a knife when nobody is in the kitchen. And to be frankly honest, these scare me. And then there's my other "odd thing" which many humans do not seem to appreciate. I've a huge appreciation and obsession for/with murder, or blood. I've run through my head so many times methods of murder that I'd be able to quickly form a plan in my head to slaughter a human ( quickly, I dislike suffering) and then hide the body. I admire successful murders/murderers, and the topic and related questions are usually on my mind. I also love knives to an odd extent. When I'm home alone, sometimes I'll head into the kitchen and take a few practice swings or stabs in the air. Finally, there's my lying and manipulating. Although I love knives, I find words are a much more powerful weapon. Humans are easy to manipulate when you say the right things, with the right lies. I frequently have things done for me by saying simple sentences, however I manipulate for the sake of manipulating, not to have my work done for me. It's not the laziness I enjoy, but the grip I have over other humans. This allows me to blend into human crowds and not stick out. Heck, I'm currently manipulating five people simultaneously to make me seem a normal, friendly human child. So, after reading this, what do you think? Am I part of glory that is psychosis? Or, am I merely an odd human with no real objective or goal. I'd be happy to take tests, or answer questions, to draw a more concluded answer.

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