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13 Sep 2014, 06:00

Thanks for helping me out. I forced myself outside to attend random social events. My heart was racing. I caught the eye of a girl and smiled and she smiled back and we have been dating ever since I painfully forced my heavy legs toward her. And asked her out. After about 6 dates I told her I suffer from social anxiety. And she has supported me and cared so much. I have all the time in the world for her now :)
Thanks for the help I needed from you guys! I hope you can help more people :)

caring & loving
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13 Sep 2014, 07:03

Im so happy for you =)

heart of confidly
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13 Sep 2014, 09:06

Good Job!!! Enjoy your life😊

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13 Sep 2014, 14:45

Lucky... Have a blast xD

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14 Sep 2014, 09:47

Congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself. I hope the best for you two 🙏

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I want to say thanks

16 Dec 2017, 03:03

Thanks Cinde and Donna for the very kind words. We really do enjoy helping people do the best they can do.

I would be very happy if I was able to do this full time, I have faith that maybe someday that will happen

i have nice fuck

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