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27 Jul 2015, 22:26

Hi ladies.

Today an underage family member disclosed to me that she was raped and became pregnant by a complete stranger 3 years ago at the age of 13. Her mother took her in for an abortion and std testing, however the mother told her not to tell anyone. & she did not get her counseling. Now I know first hand that her mom is not a bad person, idk what these actions are about. But anyway...

Now My family member is hurting emotionally. I didn't understand where her general anger problems were coming from. Sometimes in arguments she says she wants to commit suicide...today she finally opened up to me and told me the story of what happened and how she needs counseling. What can I do???


27 Jul 2015, 22:31

Do whatever you can to give her the help she needs. Call up doctors offices, group counselling, private couselling. Try it all.
Keep track of her progress and if she's awfully depressed, you should always know her whereabouts.
The issue here is that by confronting this 'bad mother', the young women who was raped could face really harsh consequences from her mother which would only worsen her mental state.


27 Jul 2015, 23:14

The national rape crisis have people in cal in every city and state. And they offer free counseling. The mom may not want counseling or anyone to know but really it's crucial for her sake. Be there. Just take her to those things


28 Jul 2015, 13:23

She was a child at the time of the rape and it needs to be reported to the police. Her mother is a bad parent for not reporting it. This person will do this to others.

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