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03 Aug 2015, 01:20

Hi, I'm 16 and a guy...
I really like this girl and she likes me back = good
She is 15 = bad
In my country 16 is the age of consent so if I was to have sex with her will I get in trouble, will I be arrested or go on the sex offenders list or something like that???
We obviously have not done anything yet, not even kissed 😕
Anyone have some advice???

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03 Aug 2015, 01:32

just be with her and don't do anything until she is 16! it won't be long


03 Aug 2015, 01:38

It was her birthday the other day so it's ages until she is 16, and I feel that I am ready for a sexual relationship 😕

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03 Aug 2015, 02:09

If you really like her like you say you do, you can wait for her.


03 Aug 2015, 02:10

If you're 16 I would say that you should wait, although I'm not your mother so i dont have a say


03 Aug 2015, 03:28

Your right misguidedghost I love her to bits so I'm gunna wait for her, thanks for all of the help guys 😊

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