Worry Author

03 Jun 2015, 00:25

So I have this so called "friend".
People told me if anyone hurt her feelings she'll turn your friends against you.
So I actually "hurt" her feelings, I was telling the truth.
All I said was "If you have a problem with me... Say it to my face, not message me." And she said "holy don't have to get mad." And that's where it all started.

So I have this new GUY friend (girl here).
And he's actually my cousin.
And I told her that MANY times before.
She's telling everyone "did you know Victoria flirts with Darren?"
And everyone is giving a weird look when I try talking to him.
He also seems VERY uncomfortable, even ignored me for quite sometime.

And also I was talking to her and my friend.
She told me not to talk to her and punched my arm.
And when me and our mutual friend try talk she says "Shut up! I hate you.. Not you mutual friend."
And also she thinks she's all that copying my style.
I had these purple converse and she said "Eww I hate purple and converse."
Two weeks later she comes to school with purple converse.

And recently I got purple highlights and she says "eww it looks ugly" few minutes later she says "I want purple ends of my hair.."
I wasn't even talking to her and I mentioned my best friend 2 times and she yelled from the opposite side of the room "SHUT UP! NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT THIS ERIN GIRL"

She dated 2 girls at once and she's sees no problem.
How do I deal with her???

I want to punch her.
(Since I was taught how to fight...CORRECTLY.)
Please help.


03 Jun 2015, 00:41

Best thing to do with people like these just ignore them. Don't give them a reaction and act like they're not even there

Good Girl!

04 Jun 2015, 01:46

Naw. I don't think you should take a relaxed approach. When she says something mean go and say something like "hold on ______ we should listen to her because her mom never gave her enough attention so let us stop so she can speak" and if she gets embarrassed don't feel bad. She needs to know how it feels. Think. If no one knew they were being total be-auches than there would be a lot of them and maybe it is enough to make her say I'm Sorry to you and it could change other kids life. What is she is bullying some little kid and the kid ended up thinking that everything that she said was true and what if he ended up killing him self for that. I'm sure if you new the future outcome you would change it and speak up. How about you do it before it could be a reality. I don't know if this helped but I hope it does. Good luck!!!!

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