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27 Jun 2015, 18:51

Hi. I'm 17(girl), have a bf,long distant relationship,I trust him,dating for 5 months. Now,my male best friend doesn't approve us. He thinks he is a pedofile,murderer etc. (my male friend is gay so he is not into me) So my friend wanted my boyfriends number,ID card,Facebook. But I didn't give it to him. I was planing to give him the number but he was really not nice to me calling me a internet whore and that I will be raped etc. So I dodn't have it to him. He ignored me. Allot. He thinks he's been understanding enough. And he saied that we will never be like we were best friemds because I put my bf before him and friends. But I really don't. I mean how?! My.bf is 1000 miles away! Amd my friend who lives 100 meters away from me leaved me. Like we were never friends. Like I didn't matter. He never took time.for me. He lied that he doesn't have time. At the end he blames me for everything. What do you think? I tried so hard to keep my friendship. Am I really a bad person?I feel like everything is my fault? I just wanna be dead. But deep inside with all these tears I hear a voice:" It's not your fault. Sleep. You've been thrue some tough times."

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27 Jun 2015, 21:51

He should be happy for you, a true friend would be, they may give you advice and tell you their opinion, but they shouldn't be mad at you, unless it was something horrific or very bad for you. I would say if you do ever meet your boyfriend in person, you should have someone around.

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18 Jul 2015, 10:18

I think that you, poor soul, have something called a "Protective Friend" what they do, is become sad and agry when their friends could be in possible danger. So ask your said boyfriend if it's okay just to give the number so they can talk.

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