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06 Jul 2015, 17:05

Couple of days ago I was walking home from the beach it was about 9 at night and I was on the trolley. When I got off and started walking down my street I was attacked from behind. He pushed me to the ground pulled my pants down and raped me and I feel so disgusted and dirty and it was probably my fault but I known parents will never look at me the same and I'm so scared what should I do

heart of confidly
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06 Jul 2015, 17:12

Report this to the Police and tell your parents!!

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06 Jul 2015, 19:43

I haven't been raped but I've been close and I know how disgusting you feel. I know how you imagine that it's your fault that you could have done something different that you're afraid that people will call you a dirty little slut that was asking for it. That you shouldn't have been alone that night but the fact of the matter is it's not your fault. It's the person who did that to you. They're the sick one. They're disgusting and you can go to the police and not tell you parents if you want to it's your choice but I think you should talk to someone about it. It'll help you get past what they did to you. If you go to the police they can catch the bastard and you won't have to be afraid that it'll happen again or that it'll happen to someone else.

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06 Jul 2015, 20:36

You have to go to the police asap the longer you wait thing could happen you could have an std or even the police might not believe you bit do it please the sooner the better my sister has been through it find someone to talk to it will help


06 Jul 2015, 22:37

It may be best to go to the police sooner than later because the longer you wait the evidence will start disappearing.

PA guy

06 Jul 2015, 23:44

Call the cops

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07 Jul 2015, 02:48


Some disgusting asshole decided your body was his property. He's the disgusting one. I want to fucking kill this guy for what he took from you.

Anonymous 1_1

07 Jul 2015, 23:53

If you have saw his face or how he looked like we Anonymous can track him down and hack and do not be afraid we are here to help

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08 Jul 2015, 04:58

Please speak to an authority figure in your life. The police will help and respect your confidentiality. Not reporting only helps the rapist get away with it

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