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Depression 18 & Up.

24 Feb 2016, 10:48

I went in for an interview yesterday at Raising Canes and I didn't get the job because he said in older to do lobby work there you have to know how to run a register and I'm not good with handling money. So I'm stuck working at KFC. ( A miserable job that I despise with all my heart )
Just to be able to afford my 70 dollars a month for guitar lessons.

I'm sick & tired of working at KFC but I can't quit until I get another job first. I'm sick of people treating me like shit at work. This job was my last hope and now I'm thinking about killing myself or going into prostitution just to be able to pay for my guitar lessons because I love the guitar that much and I'm never going to give up my guitar lessons.

I'm miserable working at KFC and I would rather go into prostitution or be dead then to have to keep putting up with people's shit at work. Sometimes I feel like death or prostitution is my only way out. I'm getting fed up with this stupid life.

And I'm losing faith in god. God Odviously loves torturing me.

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Re: Depression 18 & Up.

24 Feb 2016, 13:15

God is NOT torturing you! Refocus your energy to the fact you are earning money for something you want. A lot of people teach themselves the guitar. If it's not for rent, food, or health you don't have to work at all. Quit and reset your priorities! Don't be so unhappy for $70.00 a month. You're not getting lessons from a rock star. It's not worth killing yourself or prostitution.

Worry Author

Re: Depression 18 & Up.

24 Feb 2016, 14:58

I also have bills to pay it's not just the guitar lessons plus I'm saving up for college.

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