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Read Me, I Need Help!

14 Mar 2016, 10:16

I've been depressed since Friday and it's my guitar instructors fault, On Friday I went through a lot of trouble getting to my guitar lessons, I didn't have a way to get there so I had to take a cab 10 bucks there and back and the only reason I took a cab was because the car was messed up and I didn't want to miss my lessons but I regret it because my guitar instructor all he did for my half hour lessons plus a little extra time was talk and made me watch videos on YouTube and I don't Know why I even brought my guitar if I didn't even get to play it then after I left my lessons I took a cab to work and had to take my guitar to work with me to save money.

And then I tell my guitar instructor how much this bothered me because I'm paying 70 dollars a month and he gets mad well you'd be mad too if you was paying 70 bucks for lessons and he didn't even teach me anything on Friday? Made me waste my time and I went through a lot of trouble to get there.

He said the only reason he was doing that was because he was trying to explain things to me Why we are practicing the stuff we are practicing and I told him okay ( his name ) Reffering to I understood now why he was making me do This and then he tells me I don't like where This is heading I think it's best if you find another instructor.

And all I said was okay ( His name ) to let him know I understood what he was saying. That's all I said.

But you'd be pretty upset too if you were paying 70 dollars for half hour lessons every month and all he did was talk and made me watch videos and waste my time. Am I wrong here for telling him how much trouble I went through to get to those lessons and I didn't even get to play anything? Well isn't that what I'm paying him for to teach me? He spent the whole half hour talking to me and making me watch YouTube videos. You'd be upset to if you went through all that trouble going to lessons and didn't even get to play anything. I took a cab there and to work that's how bad I wanted to go to those lessons and I've been trying to find someone else to teach me he charges 70 a month and I asked the guy from the recording studio that I'm working on my songs with if he gives lessons and he said yes but he charges way more money way to expensive for me and I don't know what else to do? Because I love playing guitar and I still want to learn.

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Re: Read Me, I Need Help!

14 Mar 2016, 14:04

You're paying too much for what you're getting. Take classes at a Community college and get more for less! If you continue to pay him and be unhappy then it's what you allow in your life. Drop him and save your time and money. You can watch and take YouTube lessons for free.

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Re: Read Me, I Need Help!

17 Mar 2016, 01:42

I told the guy from the recording studio this: I would love to take my guitar lessons with you but I have a problem I'm not available. To pay you. The whole amount of money you ask for. I can pay you 100 a month. If you think you can work something with me please let me know. Thanks...

Because I really want to take my lessons with you. I already finished my lessons with my guitar instructor. ☺

And he responded and said "Yeah I will work with you on that $25 a lesson 4 lessons a month paid at the beginning of the month. Can you do lessons on Tuesdays?

And I told him "Yes.
And He said "Great.

Him & my guitar instructor know each other but I like this guy a whole lot better than my guitar instructor. I know I'm making the right choice by taking lessons with the guy from the recording studio instead of my current guitar instructor. I already finished my guitar lessons with my guitar instructor. I'm planning on taking lessons from the guy from the studio.
( After my guitar instructor did those things I explained on my post and he was the one who told me he thinks I should find another teacher then I think the best choice it stop taking lessons from my current instructor and take lessons from the guy from the recording studio that I'm working on my songs with )

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