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i need advice..

05 Aug 2016, 18:34

I'm 19 living with my mom and my fiance.. I'm 31 weeks pregnant too... My mom CONSTANTLY drinks... We constantly get in fights and arguments... I don't want her to be around my daughter when she's born but I don't want to move. This place is cheap, has a yard, and it's in the country.. it's a nice place. BUT I would be willing to move if needed... I've tried over and over again to tell her how I feel.. and how I want us to be closer... But she tells me I'm acting like my dad and blaming it on the alcohol... Even if she's sober at the time.... Then we argue and fight.... She doesn't want to stop... Not even after knowing she has physically hurt me in the past ... How do I talk to her... And if I leave, how do I explain it? I'm not a mean person so.. nothing too harsh... Thanks in advance

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Re: i need advice..

25 Aug 2016, 02:01

I had my first child at 18, and was almost in the same situation, my mother and I constantly fought and she wouldn't stop smoking in the house ( not just cigarettes) so I decided to move even though I knew it would hurt her feelings,I got a small one bedroom and kept it a secret from her it was the only way for me to leave without a constant argument until it was moving day. Don't worry about taking ever just take your nasesadies because there is lots of help out there available. Kijiji is amazing, when I did my move I posted something saying first time new mom and dad needing just about everything for our first home on a very fixed income any donations or help would be amazing. Then put an email and you will be surprised how many good ppl r out there.! I think moving would be great for u and your new bundle of joy. And your mom will get over it and u will get the rest of your belongings.
Hope that helps alittle
Congrats on the baby

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i need advice

27 Aug 2017, 05:49

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